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Private Yüzyıl Hospitals has begun to serve in Kocaeli, Gebze in 1996 upon delivering quality and reliable Health care for our people and has added a new service chain its service with Istanbul Pendik Hospital.

In our hospitals that advanced medical technologies are used; it aims to ensure a high level of patient satisfaction with the total of 228 beds upon diagnosis and treatment units, 10 operating rooms that operations are made in all branches, 100 services that are able to provide special care for each patient, 43 adult intensive care, 50 neonatal intensive care and 33 children intensive care and with more than 700 staff.In our hospitals having successful specialists, we provide services in all of our internal and surgical branches mainly laparoscopic surgery, pediatric surgery, ivf unit, physical therapy, and rehabilitation unit, aesthetic and plastic surgery, beauty center and specialized dental health.

We are proud to win trust and friendship of our patients over the years with modern infrastructure of our hospital, our technology that we renew continuously and with our understanding of service holding the quality forefront, without compromising on ethical principles and with our good humored staff. We are trying to do our job in the best way in order to be worthy of this trust.


Our Departments

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General Surgery

General Surgery at Yuzyil Hospitals, provides high quality and international services with its strong and specialized academic staff to perform all types of surgeries. The best existing and advanced technologies are used based on what each patient’s condition requires.


Department of Brain and nerve surgery or the so-called Neurosurgery, The Department of Neurosurgery at Yuzyil Hospitals is equipped and integrated with all the techniques and tools used in line with international standards, taking care to meet the needs of each patient separately.

Orthopedic and traumatology

It contains a lot of surgical interventions and follow-up for orthopedic diseases and fractures. The surgical interventions are carried out at Yuzyil Hospitals in a suitable environment, using effective and advanced techniques that are compatible with international standards.

Obstetrics and gynecology

This department is distinguished in Yuzyil Hospitals, as it was before years ago that Yuzyil Hospitals specialized only for gynecology. The staff of the women’s department in the hospital includes many female doctors due to the desire of many patients to have their gynecological cases monitored by a female doctor.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

This department is distinguished in Yuzyil Hospitals that it includes highly qualified doctors who fully understand the needs of each patient, because plastic surgery is often as desired. The latest technology is used with the best results that the patient will obtain. Doctors also perform multiple operations frequently to save patient fatigue and time.


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most effective methods used today in order to assist pregnancy. It is a series of procedures in which the egg is brought together with the sperm outside the woman’s body. In order to achieve this, the egg is retrieved from the woman’s body and fertilized by the sperm in a laboratory under controlled circumstances. The fertilized egg is then transferred back to the uterus to allow it to attach to the woman’s body. The entire procedure takes around three weeks.

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One of the things that matter most to us during our work is that the patient is satisfied and comfortable

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Our hospital has high rates of successes for surgical and other interventions


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