Check-up is applied in order to prevent a disease or to recognize at an early stage. This application is economic, easy and aims to be diagnosed and to be treated at the onset of the disease above all. While determining the program to be applied, the person’s age and sex are the first decisive step. Check-up programs

  • Check-Up under 40 years old
    • Check-Up Over 40 years old
  • Cancer Check-Up
    • Cardiology Check-Up
  • Pediatrics Check-Up
    • Private Check-Up Program
  • Corporate Check-up

Knowing the person’s his/her own body is very important. A small gripe and a hint that you will give to your doctor may be early sign of a very serious disease. Check-up gives you news about yourself. Take a checkup once a year for your health and for your future secure and get out the questions of your head.