ULTRASONOGRAPHY: is a diagnostic method that high frequency sound waves are used that does not involve radiation. Intra-abdominal organs as well as superficial organs and tissues such as thyroid, neck, breast and testis are examined in this method. In addition, the detection of hip dysplasia in infants and examining of brain with fonticulus opening can be performed safely with this method.

COLOR DOPPLER ULTRASONOGRAPHY: is a diagnostic method carried out by sophisticated ultrasound equipment having the opportunity to detect and asses the blood flow. It is generally used in the examination of arteries and veins in the neck, arms and legs as well as evaluation of intra-abdominal organs, testis and ovaries detailed are also carried out with this method. Valuable information in relation to baby’s health status can be obtained in color Doppler ultrasound in pregnancy. It also be directive in terms of possibility of being malignant of mass detected in the body.

DIGITAL FLUOROSCOPY: is based on principle of real time visualization and examination by x-ray using a special drug of gullet, stomach, small and large intestines and uterus and tubes by this method.

DIGITAL X-RAY: All the x-rays for diagnosis scanning are instantly transmitted to the digital media and stored. In this way, all doctors with their own computers have opportunities to access instantly to the current and former scanning of the patients

DIGITAL MAMMOGRAPHY: is the most basic and effective diagnostic method towards early detection of breast cancer especially in women over the age of 40.

COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY: is a quick and efficient advanced diagnostic method enabling to be investigated in high resolution of all the body detailed in case of failure of other imaging methods.

MR (1.5 TESLA MAGNETIC RESONANCE): It is the latest technology, advanced diagnostic method enabling safe and effective evaluation without including X-ray with high resolution and tissue contrast of all body organ and structures mainly brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal system